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Tuition / Training

I am currently offering private tuition on;-

  • How to use your Personal Computer (PC)
  • Microsoft Word, Excel and Basic Microsoft Access
  • Adobe Photoshop & ImageReady
  • Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Video Editing Software
  • Configuring your EMAIL
  • Using the Internet

These sessions are normally for 1 hour periods, but can be tailored as required. I am also available to support you with any other queries, support or tuition you may require to help you.
Personal tuition sessions can be extremely beneficial to those who are fairly new to using computers or the Internet.

Price £20 per 1 hour session.

Please call me to negotiate prices and appointments.



Cyber Ear

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All media has been produced by Steven Lipscombe, any copy or use of this media and/or game without explicit written permission from the author is prohibited.
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