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Cyber Ear

(Sound FX On/Off)




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Super 8mm, Standard 8mm & VHS Conversion
I am now converting old 8mm standard & super films to DVD format. I can also do the same with VHS video tapes. I am very competitively priced so please call me to negotiate.


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Man Eating Beast of Wimbledon Common!

Here is the short movie I produced with Director Dominic Stinton and others. I composited and edited the film and produced much of the graphics, the beautiful Stars & Stripes Anusa titles were designed by Will Reardon and the Beast logo was designed by G.D. I also produced many of the sound effects!

Keep your eyes open for the animations!

This took a couple of months to produce, I hope u all like!

Special Thanks to the members of the general public who simply played along with the pseudo Anusa news crew.

More thanx to all of the actors and musicians who made this film possible!

Please enjoy!


The Man Eating Beast of Wimbledon Common!!!

(Double-Click the video window to get a full screen!)

DVDs of the Movie are available for just- £6.99


Dominic Stinton Myspace Page


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Dominic Stinton's Showreel

Here is Dominic Stinton's Show reel for you all to enjoy!



(Double-Click the video window to get a full screen!)



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Steven Lipscombe...

The video Below is from a pseudo promotional DVD I was asked to make for a London College.

It was done for my own educational interests, and therefore should be exempt from the licensing I would otherwise require for using the music within.

I had only 2 hours to run around and film all of the footage!

Just Click the video below to watch it.

You can use the transport controls below the video to move through it, double click on the video to get a larger FULL Screen!


  Just Click 'ONCE' to watch it Play!!!
(Don't be shocked by the moving cursor!)




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Alternative Soundtrack

Here I replaced the entire soundtrack of a video that had been produced by other students. Gawd only knows what the origional film was about, but the man reading the newspaper was named Craig!

(Double-Click the video window to get a full screen!)



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Crime in Sutton voxpop 2002

I interviewed various people in Sutton regarding crime in the borough. Interviews include those by victims, perpetrators, general civilians, bar staff and even a Vicar!


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Free Sound Effects

A Collection of Natural Sound Effects that I made for a Student Project.

Included below is the CD case cover that they came in!

Please Feel Free to use these sound clips if they are useful to you!

(A Credit for them would be appreciated!)







Dog Bark High
Dog Bark Low
Dog Pant
Dog Sniff
Dog Wine
Dog Whine2
Frog Croak
pig slurpping
pigging food
Pig Snorting
Bit of a Turkey
Bird Chirp 1
Bird Chirp 2
Bird Chirp 3
Bird Chirp 4
Bird Chirp 5
Bird Chirp 6
Bird Coo
Big Cockerel
Big Cockerells
Small Cockerel
Cockerells Together

Leaf Underfoot
Walking Through Leaves
Mud Splodge
Mud Step1
Mud Step2
Mud Step3
Park Walk



Gentle River
Wild River
Loud Waterfall 1
Loud Waterfall 2
Soft WaterFall
Distant Thunder
Rain Mild 1
Rain Mild 2
Rain on Tin Roof
Rain Storm
Wind 1
Wind 2
Wind 3







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Creepy Whispers

A small movie that I made as a student... great fun!

I hope you enjoy the Ouiji Board video player that I made for it...

You can play, pause, stop, rewind and fast forward at varying speeds by using the transport controls.

The Ghostie is the Volume control!!!!



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To celebrate my restoring of my 180 year old W.Dunkley piano, origionally built in SW London, im gonna upload renditions of my favourite songs.

Thanks for looking!

Imagine - John Lennon


Yellow Brick Road - Elton John


Run away - The Corrs


Eternal Flame - The Bangles


Tears in Heaven - Eric Clapton


The Power of Love - Jennifer Rush


Beverley Craven - Promise me
(just dont book me for weddings!)






All graphics have been produced by Steven Lipscombe, any copy or use of these graphics without explicit written permission from the author is prohibited.
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