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Cyber Ear

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Here is a photo of Claire Kelly, 40's and 50's Hollywood Actress, that I colourised.

The origional photo was in black and white and is shown below.

The procedure required manually repainting the colour using Adobe Photoshop.

(Click to Enlarge)

Here is the origional Black and White.

Below I enlarged Ms Kelly, putting approx 60lbs on her.

(Click to Enlarge)
(Click to Enlarge)

Here I have painted a venetian blind shadow, falling on to Ms Kelly's face. Nice to have the eyes showing through in that romantic 40's style.

A mid shot of the shadow.

A close up of the shadow.

Various applied Filters shown below -

Applied drawing filter

Water based paint filter

Poster edge filter


Click down on my lips
Big Boy!!!





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I made the interactive book below when I was a student many moons ago...

Its not got as much finesse as I would like now, but there are plenty of nice ideas and experimentation... there is an option to let the book play back random pages as a random story rather than the preset story. but im not sure this is the final version (its the only 1 I could find!), as it doesnt seem to make much sense now, the pages were programmed to link in a certain way even when randomly playing.


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Wembley is open!!!

Below is an project I completed a decade ago, when I was first using photoshop.

It was called Rewriting History, and was set by my tutor, the brilliant David Cotterrell who is now the official artist for the British troops in Afganistan and Professor of Fine Art at Sheffield Hallam University.

I used various images of the proposed Wembley Stadium, added people, balloons, etc, and tried to recreate what the opening ceremony was going to be like when it opened!

My project was completed before the old wembley had even been demolished.

After delays, the official opening of the new Wembley stadium was march 2007, 4 years later than had been predicted!!!

(Please dont read if you will be offended by humour regarding the now sadly deceased Michael Jackson. This was written a long time before his passing.)

The new Wembley Stadium was opened yesterday to a rapturous applause for the return of Elvis Presley & John Lennon. The two previously thought dead, had disappeared, at the hands of Michael Jackson, and were contained, in stasis, in one of his oxygen tanks while he made a fortune from the rights to the two Artists material. Ransom demands from Michael included him being able to marrying Elvis Presleys daughter, stating "Else your father gets it!!!". She was therefore contracted to be with him for a short period for the sake of her father, thus to bear Michael's children. Michaels monkey Bubbles, was one of the pairs children, but had received extreme Plastic surgery and irreversible hormone treatment, because being human, he didn't conform to the Jackson's strictly required aesthetics code.



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Below are some Cross Hatched pictures that I drew back when I was 19/20... Pretty aren't they? The important thing for me in these images was the cross hatching, the later colouring was just a bonus!!!
(Click an image for an enlargement!)


The origional plans handed to me prior to creation.

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All graphics have been produced by Steven Lipscombe, any copy or use of these graphics without explicit written permission from the author is prohibited.

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